National Essay Competition University of Medan (HMJ-BSI FBS UNIMED)

National Essay Competition :
Theme : "A Momment to Shine Bright"
Sub Theme :
  • How Indonesian People Live in Peace and Harmony
  • How We Can Better Apply The Under of Our Cultures and Religions to Promote More Understanding among People
  • Indonesian Education 50 Years A Futurist's Prespective
  • Internalizing The Spirit of Nationalism in Indonesian Education
Participant Requrement :
  1. Active students of both undergraduete (S1) and Post-graduete (S2) studies from all Universities In Indonesia
  2. This Competition is an indovidual competition
  3. Every Participant is allowed to send two manuscripts
  4. The Participant must fulfill the administartion requirements and fill up the regristartion form
  5. The participant pays the regristation fee through the bank which in chosen by the committee and sends the scanned payment receipts via email.
Competition Requrements :
  1. The Regristations fee is IDR 85K/scripts
  2. The registrations fee is send to the bank account by the number as follow : Bank BNI 035-504-391-6 a.n Amallyana Ramadhini
  3. The Participant is pleased to do the comfirmation to this phone number : 0823-0478-7059 (Lucky) for notifiying thas s/ he has send the manuscript at leates 24 Hours after sending Manuscript
  4. The Partisipant must attach a scanned/copied self-identity cards like students Card
  5. The Participants must fulfill and complete the declaration of originality
  6. The Registrasion foam and declaration of originality are attached in competition guide
The Submission of Manuscript
  1. The submission is received by the comittee on March 21, 2016 by no later than 23 : 59 pm
  2. Script delivery via email :
    • The manuscript is send in softcopy to the official email addres by amaching a Curriculum Vitae (CV), Declaration of originality, a copy student card (scaned foam) :
    • Attaching a Scanned payment receipt
    • Both manuscript and CV are in PDF and MS Word file format. those file should be put in zip/rar. all the files are stored in a folder/directory and the name  of the folder should be written in a rule as follow : essay.2016.institution_writters Name 3_fuint_words of the tittel. eg : Essay-2016-Unimed-reza_use_of_2 ink
Time Line :
  • Registrations : January 15 - March 21 2016
  • Script Deadline : March 21 2016
  • Annoucement : March 24 2016
  • Presenting Day : April 2 2016
  • Fild Trip To Lake Toba : April 3 2016
Prise :
  • Trophy + Cash + Certificate
  • Best 5 script will be invited to be presented infront of the judges on april 2 2016 at the state University of Medan
  • Best 25 script will be published in a book by using ISBN (International Standart Book Numbering) as a standart
For Further Information of Competitions Guide Visit :
Twitter : @National_EC
Instagram : @NEC_5
0823-0478-7059 (Lucky) 

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